Mozzarella Mia

About Us



The firm/company “Caseificio Pugliese Srl” (CP) of the “CUSMAI” family with the brand “MOZZARELLA MIA” is an artisan cheese factory located in Brescia that produces mozzarella through a complete production line guaranteeing and safeguarding the quality of its products while respecting their tradition.

The important and innovative structure of the CP – MOZZARELLA MIA – includes not only the production complex but also the company store with the tasting area in via Triumplina 101 where you can buy dairy products, after having seen how they are made directly by the expert hands of master dairy producers, and you can also taste them IN LOCO at lunchtime. The structure also includes two retail outlets located in viale Piave 71 and in via Trento 117.

The secret of the company’s success originates in the accurate control of the production line, respecting all the health and hygiene standards (in accordance with the controlling plan dictated by the norms of HACCP) and in the experience of the Apulian master dairy producers: the mozzarella is still cut and manipulated by hand as it was once!

The CP – MOZZARELLA MIA – is the first, and so far the only one in Brescia, which produces fresh dairy products and Apulian cheeses by hand.

Innovation in the respect of tradition, attention, cleanliness, ethics and passion, guarantee the excellent quality of the final product and have contributed to achieving many recognitions and prizes, including that of “the best Italian burrata”, and was chosen by the Gambero Rosso as one of the “Top Italian Food 2023”.


The undeniable local milk quality, which comes from pastures in Brescia, together with the Apulian master cheesemaker manufacturing, have created the strong relationship between our company and Southern Italian traditions. This union has been happily realized thanks to a model that consists of production which can be viewed by customers using local raw materials, direct sale and tasting.

Unpasteurized milk that has just been milked is treated in a not industrial production, without suffering any thermal or transport shocks, (the stable is only 6 km away from the CP). This leads to a business organization which aims to enhance the quality and not the quantity aspect of the production.

The quality we aim at drives the company to continuous improvements, guaranteeing the health and environmental protection of the product. What makes the CP’s dairy production unique – Mozzarella Mia – is the fact that the consumer can have a healthy, fresh product without the addition of preservatives.

In the CP dairy – MOZZARELLA MIA, which always takes care of following and meeting up to the desires and tastes of its consumers, you will also find low-fat and special-diet products such as lactose-free mozzarella. The fancy mozzarellas (nodini, treccia, ciliegine, stuffed rolled, etc.), the unbeatable Burrata, the very tasty Caciocavallo, the scrumptious Stracciatella, the fragrant Ricotta, the highly dietetic Primo Sale, are our most requested delicacies thanks to their goodness.

In addition to string cheese, various complementary products, both local and typical of the Mediterranean tradition, can also be purchased.

Finally, an excellent price-quality ratio together with the choice of a zero-food-mile supply chain going from production to consumers without intermediaries put our natural products with a unique taste within reach for everyone.


Caseificio Pugliese Srl is CERTIFIED and registered on the spun paste cheese producer list with the CEE certificate n. ITB1R8HCE.

Having a certificate stands for quality, commitment and constant development. These are the three key elements to offer consumer products that meet the qualitative standards and comply with the increasingly stricter requirements of the European legislation and international law with reference to the food industry. Such certificates set specific qualitative standards and recognise that our Caseificio (cheese factory) has extremely high competences both in terms of company efficiency and product safety and authenticity.