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Intense extra virgin olive oil

The two types of olives pressed for the production of this intense oil are the native Coratina and the Peranzana.

The intense fruity extra virgin oil is emerald green and features golden reflections. Its fruity aroma has a clear hint of olives with notes of almonds and artichoke. Its sweet flavour is balanced by accentuated bitterness and spiciness. Perfect with products form the earth, such as bread, meats, natural vegetables and mushrooms from Murgia (Apulia).

The strong sharp flavour makes this oil an essential fundamental ingredient for your dishes.

Storage information
This extra virgin olive oil must be stored away from light and heat. The recommended shelf life is 18 months. Once the bottle – or can – has been opened, take care to close it properly and not to expose the extra virgin olive oil to fluctuating and high temperatures.