The origins of burnt wheat are linked to the poorest peasant world, when it was allowed to collect, for personal use, the grains of wheat left on the ground after the burning of the stubble at the end of the harvest. Today, to reproduce the aromas and flavor of that particular flour, the wheat is first toasted using safe methods and then ground. These pastas are made with a blend of high quality burnt wheat semolina and durum wheat semolina.

The perfect cooking:
– Bring 1 liter of water to the boil for every 100 grams of pasta
– Add 10 grams of salt to every liter of water
– After a minute, add about 40 grams of pasta to the pot
– Wait 10 seconds and add the remaining amount of pasta to be cooked
– After 30 seconds, not before, mix gently for 5 seconds
– Stir every 60 seconds until the desired type of cooking is reached
– Drain and season as desired

Product weight: 0.5 kg